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This blog started a year before the big day, and chronicled the wedding-planning from a bride's perspective. I considered closing it and starting a new one as a Mrs., but you know... our vows were the most important part of the day, and will be our backbone as we develop a life and family together. I can't think of anything more appropriate than continuing to call my blog August Vows, and so it's here to stay.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things I Love

It is Things I Love Thursday over at The Diaper Diaries, and inspired by my friend at Bowmania, I'm joining in! Yes, it's a bit odd that I'm linking to a blog called The Diaper Diaries, but I couldn't pass this one up. So, I'm going with a couple wedding things, because you all should know.

I love comfortable shoes at weddings.
I chose Skechers, and they were awesome. I walked, I stood, I danced, I did just fine - and even managed to change into fancy heels at the end of the night! A bride needs to feel great on her wedding day.

I love traditions.
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Hokey? Not at all. This is a beautiful lovely tradition and I'm so glad I took part. For something old, I used my mom's veil. Something new was my dress. Something borrowed was my great-grandmother's engagement ring, and I felt SO honoured to be allowed to wear it all day. Something blue was created for me by my grandma, who is the master embroiderer in the family. Behold, my wedding-day monogram. The photo below is my beautiful mom sewing it into the lining of my skirt on the morning of the wedding:

I love beautiful, delicious cake.
This was our cake. 'Nuff said... well, almost. Up until the day before the wedding, I was worried that the cake was the one thing we had over-spent on. I no longer have any doubts. It was a four-tier chocolate caramel cake. The bottom three tiers were cut for the wedding reception, and every single piece was eaten. The top tier was served at the gift-opening the following day. People are still talking about it, no kidding. I've determined that people truly, universally appreciate only a couple of wedding things, and good cake is one of them.

I think that's enough for today, but this was fun - stay tuned for more!


Mark and Christine said...

The cake looks AMAZING!!! My mouth is watering right now!

thediaperdiaries said...

OH MY GOODNESS that cake!!! And I agree with comfy shoes. I spent a bucketload on my wedding heels, but they were ridiculously comfortable. Totally worth it!!