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This blog started a year before the big day, and chronicled the wedding-planning from a bride's perspective. I considered closing it and starting a new one as a Mrs., but you know... our vows were the most important part of the day, and will be our backbone as we develop a life and family together. I can't think of anything more appropriate than continuing to call my blog August Vows, and so it's here to stay.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wedding Contracts

I read today that You and Your Wedding Magazine recently did a survey of 1000 brides-to-be to determine how many people were interested in bridesmaids contracts.

What's a bridesmaid contract?

Well, the idea is that when you ask your nearest and dearest friends to stand beside you in support on your big day, you require them to sign a contract. This contract may outline things such as not drastically changing their appearance before the wedding (hello... hair cuts?), not to drink more than a certain amount of alcohol, not to make any "advances" toward the groom (umm... aren't these your best friends?), and not to gain any weight between the date you request their presence and the date of the wedding.

1 in 5 brides agreed that such contracts were a good idea.

I thought I'd take a little poll of my own. How many brides would sign a contract if the proposal included a caveat explaining that they could only keep the ring and actually get married if they didn't gain a single pound?

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